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INGWE by Georges Lentz

INGWE by Georges Lentz is a one hour electric guitar journey into the extremes of music. The composer has written about the work – ‘the initial idea for Ingwe came to me during a car trip to the Outback in December 2004. One evening at the “Royal Hotel”, a pub in Brewarrina, Northern NSW, a man sat alone tuning up his electric guitar for that night’s rock gig.
I was working on a piece for solo cello at the time but knew immediately that I should write something for the guitar instead – the whole loneliness and desolation of the place (and indeed my own loneliness) seemed to be encapsulated in that man’s sound (only years later, in 2008, did I find out that the man must have been Rocko Crawford, an Aboriginal from Brewarrina, and that he passed away not long after I heard him). Sitting in the pub late that evening, I could see the whole work before my mind’s eye in a kind of intuitive flash. I left the pub in a hurry and wrote some extensive initial sketches that same night, sitting in my car in the middle of the desert.’
Not only is it a tour de force from Lentz it is a magnificent vehicle for the amazing guitarist Zane Banks and an awe-inspiring event for the audience.

Saturday March 24, 2018 at 5.30pm
WATTERS GALLERY 109 Riley Street East Sydney.
Bookings phone 0428 143646    $35 and $25 also available at the door.



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