Australian composer Alan Holley launched the Hammerings Records label in 2015. The inspiration for the label name came from his short series of solo works Hammerings, written between 1992 and 2001.
To ‘hammer’ is the English translation of the Italian musical term ‘martellato’ that instructs musicians to accent a note with great strength.




Introducing our newest CD – Doppler’s Web


Doppler’s Web HR2017-3


  • Doppler’s Web – Concerto for Trumpet and Orchestra – Sydney Symphony Orchestra, conductor Simone Young, Trumpet – Paul Goodchild.
  • Chamber Symphony – The Gallery Players, conductor Alan Holley
  • A Line of Stars – Sydney Symphony Orchestra, conductor Hubert Soudant
  • The Winged Viola – The Gallery Players, conductor Alan Holley


” Natural phenomena and sounds are the starting point for my trumpet concerto Doppler’s Web. The effect described by the 19th century Austrian physicist Christian Doppler has long intrigued me – the apparent change in pitch as a sound approaches you and travels away. Even though this ‘bending’ of pitch is easily noticed when a train or a vehicle with a siren approaches and then travels on it can also be perceived when a bird darts past you – the ‘whoosh’ sound seems higher in pitch for a second before dropping……..”   Alan Holley


Doppler’s Web is available from us here at Hammerings Records: $28.50 posted anywhere in Australia – send us a message from the contact page  we will be happy to post you one. Please enquire about international postage.  Doppler’s Web and our other CDs Solos and Hammerings are also available from Kookaburra Music.

All the artwork in this CD is by Sydney artist Rod Holdaway

This CD is only possible due to the goodwill of Paul Goodchild, the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, Simone Young, Hubert Soudant, Esther van Stralen and The Gallery Players.





CD covers


Solos    HR2015-1Solos CD cover


Auric  –  Gregory van der Struik, trombone
Mariner Music  –  Richard Rourke, clarinet
Dome Music  –  Kees Boersma, double bass
Piano Sonata 2001  –  Michele Bolla, piano
‘the birds will sing them off’  –  Milos Bjelica, clarinet
Hammerings II  –  Ivan Kirn, oboe
Still Road  –  Hrvoje Pintarić, horn & Tamara Jurkić Sviben, piano



HAMMERINGS    HR2015-2Hammerings CD cover


King Street  –  James Nightingale, alto saxophone
take flight  –  Stan Kornel, violin & Christopher Pidcock, cello
Hammerings  –  Snježana Pavićević, flute
Hammerings II  –  Shefali Pryor, oboe
Hammerings III  –  James Nightingale, soprano saxophone
Water Pieces  –  Tamara Jurkić Sviben, piano
Concorno  –  Hrvoje Pintarić, horn



 Solos, Hammerings and Doppler’s Web CDs  are available online from:

  Kookaburra Music


Alan Holley CDs by Hammerings Records

Alan Holley CDs by Hammerings Records


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Header image: from painting 2 men and a horse by Melbourne artist Graeme Rowe